Third Man in Havana by Tom Rodwell (hardback)

  • Third Man in Havana by Tom Rodwell (hardback)

    14.99 GBP

    Third Man in Havana - Finding the Heart of Cricket in the World's Most Unlikely Places

    "What's the most unusual place you've ever played cricket?

    "Whatever your answer, Tom Rodwell has you beaten. From the heavily militarised Erez Crossing into the Gaza Strip to downtown New York with the NYPD, his cricket journeys have taken him to some truly extraordinary places to meet some remarkable people."

    "By turns touching and amusing, and imbued with a deep love of the game, Third Man in Havana is the story of the charity cricket programees 'Major' Tom Rodwell has helped run around the world, and of the people he has encountered along the way."

    by Tom Rodwell. Foreword by Courtney Walsh

    Available in Hardback only.


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